​​The little Tickers are here to play, to help you learn and shout HOORAY!

​​Brought to you by authors with over 100 years of experience in education, the charming Tickers feature in a series of brilliantly conceived books designed to develop early numeracy and reading skills whilst boosting your child’s confidence in mathematics.

Ticker 1

Ticker 1

​​Ticker 1 lives in a very big house.
With other Tickers and 1 little mouse.
She has a big garden with a see-saw and cat.
She plays the guitar and sings rather flat!

Ticker 2

Who’s this coming smartly dressed in blue.
​​Look very closely. It’s Ticker 2.
​​He likes to go in his garden all day.
​​From morning to night he likes to play.
Ticker 2

Ticker 3

Ticker 3

Flowers, yellow buttons and big, red beads.
​​Here comes Ticker 3 at a very great speed!
​​She’s got a red hat and jumps and hops,
​​Dances about and rarely stops!

Ticker 4

Hi folks! I’m Ticker 4 and pretty cool.
​​The coolest Ticker in the school.
​​I’ve many things of many shapes.
​​Bedroom curtains and other drapes.
Ticker 4

Ticker 5

Ticker 5

​​I’m cuddly, I’m warm and I’m sweet.
​​Ticker 5 you’d want to meet.
​​I bumped my head when I jumped on my bed
​​Won’t tell you what the doctor said!

Ticker 6

​​I’ve always imagined I’d fly out to space.
​​And join other people in the race.
​​At last I’ve done it. I thought I would.
​​I’m Ticker 6 and feeling good.
Ticker 6

Ticker 7

Ticker 7

I’m Ticker 7. Animal mad I’m told.
​​I love the wild life, but I’m not very bold!
​​Along with the Tickers, I enjoyed the zoo.
​​None escaped. Not even a few!

Ticker 8

​​They say ‘Watch out’. Ticker 8 is about.
​​But the Tickers don’t know I’m going to sort out
​​A surprise party and wonderful cake
​​That I am REALLY going to bake.
Ticker 8

Ticker 9

Ticker 9

They call her crafty Ticker 9!
Because she is inventive.
To measure, cut and draw some things
She has to be attentive.


Ticker 10

​​BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Here comes Ticker 10.

​​ ​​He marches his band, again, and again.
​​​​ They march in the wind, past frogs that are green.
​​​​It’s the BEST Marching Band that you’ve ever seen!
Ticker 10

Ticker 0

Who's up to mischief? Its Ticker 0.
​​He’s planning a surprise.
​​He mustn’t get caught!
​​What could be kinder.
​​He’s planned a blinder!
​​Presents and food for all them.
​​Our silver Ticker is a gem!
Ticker 0

​​The charming 10Tickers book series introduces children to the seven areas of learning and development contained in the EYFS curriculum.

“Young children learn best through play. The Ticker books provide an excellent resource for them, together with their parents, carers and teachers, to experience the joy of learning about words and numbers, shape and colour, in ways that are playful, engaging and enjoyable.”
Professor Lesley Abbott, Professor of Early Childhood Education

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